Hello there again!

Hi everyone again

I told you that there will be a grand prize for the most popular story submitted by you guys!

Basically whoever wins shall get a full-access to the websites setting and becomes an Admin!!!

All i can hope for is that you guys can help me expand this website so that that prize actually makes a difference

This IS a one-time deal

There can only be one person to handle the website with me

So, share this around

Maybe we can all have fun together

Pssst* I have another website https://photomechanical.wordpress.com/

Check it out

I have so many cool pictures

Peace ^^


Welcome To StoryMechanical

Hello there people of the….

Hi everyone reading my blog.

So, i’m an ambitious person in life, (i still hate school) and recently i decided to try out blogging.

I’m still not sure what to write about or what to do around here, but, alongside blogging, i will be making a special section for stories!

Yes, Stories. The place where everyone and anyone can make up something that contains their wildest dreams and fantasies.

I already have a couple of stories ready for publishing, but wait, that would be way too traditional.

I will need some help to enrich this website.

Yep, that’s right, i need help, and guess who will be helping me.

That’s 100% correct. You.

Yes, you will be helping me achieve my, no, OUR dream of becoming great writers.

WE can help each other, both grammatically and intellectually.

Send me whatever story you have ORIGINATED from your vast creativity @ ahmedsocialman@gmail.com

I will post ALL stories no matter how weird, no matter how thought-provoking.

You get to see what i see.

But there has to be a grand prize!

On the course of the the next month, i will check which story YOU guys made has the highest number of likes (by “likes” i mean the most GOOD comments since there is no liking mechanism, i guess…)

Guess what the winner gets.

And i’m running out of time, so i shall tell you next time ^^

Until then, thank you everyone for keeping up.

Leave a comment.


And Bye-Bye ^^